InterviewTCJ Interview

Leveraging Technology to Move Money

InterviewTCJ Interview
Leveraging Technology to Move Money

This month, The Credit Junction interviewed Juan Pablo Carreido, CEO of Tempus. Since 1999, Tempus has provided corporate clients with the best foreign exchange and international payment solutions in the industry. Whether paying invoices in foreign currency, funding foreign operations, or receiving foreign funds, Tempus helps companies manage their currency needs.

1.  What is Tempus and how does it help the small and mid-sized businesses?

Tempus is a FinTech financial services company that provides foreign exchange and international payment services to small and mid-sized businesses throughout the United States. 

Thousands of clients use Tempus to pay overseas suppliers in foreign currency for goods and services.  We help clients mitigate exposure to foreign currency in international trade with a range of payment and currency hedging tools configured to their specific import or export business.

2.   As someone who helps and speaks to a wide range of businesses across industries, what are your thoughts on trade in the US? How can businesses that focus on trade improve their bottom lines?  

Trade is clearly an important economic growth driver and the underlying forces of globalization will continue to fuel trade in the decades ahead.   

Juan Pablo Carriedo , CEO of Tempus

Juan Pablo Carriedo, CEO of Tempus

Companies engaging in international trade can develop strategies to manage currency exposure that both simplify their global payments and improve their bottom lines.

 3.   What are some of the biggest challenges companies that import or export deal with today?

There are a wide range of issues facing companies today that import and export including industry specific regulations, supplier sourcing, and managing cross-border finances to protect profits. 

For example, to remain competitive in this strong dollar market, US exporters could consider invoicing international buyers in foreign currency to make it easier to sell their products overseas.  US importers can hedge longer term international payables with forward contracts and standing orders.


4.   For business owners looking to grow their business, what are the benefits of being a client of Tempus?

Tempus offers business owners a unique combination of personalized service, currency market insight, and cost-effective transaction execution that protect bottom line profits.  As currency specialists, we are dedicated exclusively to helping clients simplify their global payment requirements and to mitigating their currency risk.

 5.   Do you have any parting words or advice to small and medium sized business owners?

Small and medium sized business owners’ work very hard to generate profits from trade and these profits should be safeguarded with a financial service provider who can help develop a strategy to manage foreign currency risk.