TCJ Partners with the SBE Council

TCJ Partners with the SBE Council

Our focus at The Credit Junction has always been on small business. Whether those small businesses employ 5 or 300 people, the “cascade” effect from growth at these businesses enables job creation and better economic development at the local level. This year, we have conducted a multitude of workshops across the country for small business owners and have answered questions ranging from what does FinTech actually mean to whether or not the Dodd-Frank Act affects an existing loan with a bank? Our team is always willing to help business owners understand the changing banking landscape.


Another common question we hear from business owners is: why is it so hard for me to access additional capital from my current lender to grow my business? The inability to access additional capital puts a strain on a business and, unfortunately, prohibits the upward trajectory every business is looking for.  

There are countless questions small business owners have throughout the life cycle of their company. Often times there are websites that offer tons and tons of information, however, it can be difficult to navigate some of them. Today, one of the outstanding advocates for small business owners is the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council). The SBE Council is dedicated to helping business owners understand the challenges in securing loans and accessing growth capital. Not only do they help businesses through capital formation, but also they are a great resource for small business tools and public policy.

With this understanding, we announced this week our partnership with the SBE Council to increase opportunities and awareness of financial solutions for small business owners. In addition, we will be joining the SBE Council for a webinar on June 21st that will address many questions small business owners may have on access to capital.

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