Your Attention, Please!

Your Attention, Please!

Social media is the “town square” of our times. Seven out of every 10 American adults have a Facebook profile and 75% of these users visit the site more than once a day. Having an online presence is vital for businesses, but a website just doesn’t cut it anymore. Keeping your company’s name at the top of potential customers’ feeds is a powerful tool to build name recognition and increase revenue.

However, wading into the wild west of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn isn’t an easy task. Where do you start? With the big players dominating the social media airwaves utilizing professional graphics, paid content, and compelling tag-lines, it’s a little daunting to try and get your foot in the door. Yet, building a positive and consistent presence isn’t impossible.

Below are eight tips to kickstart your social media campaign and stay engaged with your audience.

Establish an Objective

Take a moment to step back and evaluate what this social media presence is looking to accomplish. Setting goals such as “increase website traffic by 10%” or “reach 10,000 followers” are vital to keeping a campaign on track.

Plan Social Media

Stick to a Schedule

Establishing a system that governs what posts are going out, who is drafting them and what content is being sent is paramount. A haphazard approach of posting sporadically is never going to work. Thankfully, many platforms offer ways to automate your schedule and queue dozens of posts for distribution.

Fewer Words, More Graphics

Text walls are intimidating. Infographics and pictures are becoming the primary medium in today’s digital age. With a stream of content hitting your audience’s feed daily, a compelling graphic can make all the difference. In social media, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Interaction and Reaction

Staying current and relevant is one of the hardest parts of a social media campaign. Taking the time to craft your content towards current trends takes a ton of effort and creativity. However, a solid shortcut around this is to use the interactivity of the medium to your advantage. Reply to others and repost (with their permission) when possible. This underutilized aspect of social media is what separates it from simply posting an ad in the newspaper.

Ad Spending

Spend a Little Money

Promoting your content may seem a little like a faux pas; we’ve all seen the cringeworthy promoted posts that stand out like a sore thumb in our timelines. However, the level of exposure is well worth the minor investment. Without going over your marketing budget, this is an easy way to get your best posts in front of your audience and gain followers.

Show Your Voice

Corporate speak is no place for social media. Each of these platforms are designed for individuals to communicate with each other in a short, candid way. Let the author of the post’s personality shine through and allow audiences to see your company isn’t comprised of robots.

Track Metrics

Tracking the performance of your posts is the only way to determine what works and what doesn’t. If a certain article, post or link sparked a minor wave of interactions, try to emulate this moving forward! Posting blindly into the digital world is never a winning strategy. Instead, stay nimble and pivot your approach accordingly.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Remember, this takes time and followers don’t come overnight. One great post may double your numbers, but building an engaging and thoughtful audience takes years. Even if not every one of your posts hits the mark, the consistency of posting on a regular basis establishes the critical foundation for success.


What every great social media account has is interactivity, candidness and constancy. Moving away from the advanced statistics, open rates, and interaction numbers, the key is to relay that there is a person behind the keyboard. Social media is a platform of individuals and allowing your company’s individuality to show is the best way to be successful.