Maximizing Your Growth

Maximizing Your Growth

At The Credit Junction, we take pride in helping small and midsize businesses access working capital financing that allows them to maximize their growth potential.

Every day, we speak to numerous companies that face a wide variety of challenges. A common concern many share is finding a financing partner that can provide them with the liquidity they need to take their business to the next level. Many of these SMBs have existing financing relationships, but are in search of a new partner that can fuel, rather than limit their growth goals.

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As an example, in early 2017, one of the biggest industrial sign manufacturers in the US came to The Credit Junction to refinance their factoring facility. Factoring can be a great solution for some, but it can also stunt the growth of others. Factors typically control the cash of a business and do not lend against all assets on the SMBs balance sheet. 

Due to their limited financing, the manufacturer could not to create sufficient liquidity to keep up with demand. This resulted in a meaningful backlog of orders and forced the company to slow their operations.

At TCJ, our priority is ensuring that we provide businesses with a solution that allows them to see their vision through. As a result, we worked closely with the company and its management to quickly craft a financing solution that met both their short and long term capital structure needs. This larger, more flexible line of credit not only leveraged their machinery and equipment, inventory and accounts receivable, but also had interest-only monthly payments. 

Learn more about how we were able to help this company increase their revenues, complete an operational overhaul, build stronger customer relationships, and take on additional contracts in this case study