Keep Your Head in the Cloud

This case study highlights how The Credit Junction worked with an IT cloud infrastructure provider to find a financing solution that fit their needs.



HQ Location: South Atlantic, United States 
In Business For: 10+ years 
Annual Revenues: $20M+
Management: Entrepreneur with seasoned management team
Customer Base: Financial service companies and global multinationals 

IT Cloud Infrastructure Map



Fast Turning A/R: Account receivables paid in under 30 days, providing limited availability for a bank to lend against. 

M&E Tied Up: Company had financing on their M&E that they didn't want to pay off. 

Existing Bank Financing: Company had an existing bank line that didn't provide them with sufficient availability to support their growth needs. 

Recent Losses: Company had losses due to significant investment costs needed to support long-run growth plans.  

Challenge IT Cloud Infrastructure


The Credit Junction worked closely with the company and their management to craft a financing solution that met both their short and long-term needs. 

Solution IT Cloud Infrastructure