Financing Growth to Bankability

Financing Growth to Bankability

This case study highlights how we worked with a company and their management team to provide them with the growth capital they needed to reach bankability.

This plastics recycling business was an early-stage company led by a proven management team. Despite their short time in business, the company was already profitable and had a well-capitalized balance sheet (M&E, Inventory, A/R). In order to increase capacity and unlock growth, they needed to purchase additional equipment. The company required a financing partner to leverage their existing assets and provide the capital to execute. 
TCJ looked past their short operating history to provide them with a $650,000 facility that allowed them to grow to bankability just two years later. They have now reached a financing agreement with a regional bank, which has refinanced TCJ.



HQ Location: Midwest

In Business For: Less than 1 year

Annual Revenues: <$2M

Management: Experienced in industry (>35 years)

Customer Base: Reprocessed plastic sold to private industrial manufacturing companies 





Operating History: Startup nature of the company prevented them from accessing capital from traditional financing institutions.

Managing Demand: The company had excess demand, forcing them to re-invest all of their money back into inventory purchases and away from innovation.

Machine Purchase: The company had identified new machinery to help them relieve a bottleneck, but did not want to put any money down on the machine purchase.

Working Capital: The machine that they needed was being built in China, and the company needed working capital to place the order.

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The Credit Junction worked closely with the company and their management tocraft a financing solution that met both their short and long-term needs.

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