Selecting A Financial Partner

We are nothing without the business owners we help. We have had the pleasure of hearing directly from them and learning more about their companies, the challenges they faced and how our financing solutions have helped. Below, 3 business owners that we have worked with discuss what they were looking for in a finance partner when they first spoke with us.

What were you looking for in a financial partner?




Ronald Brodie, CEO of NW Sign Industries

RB: Someone who would take the time to learn our business. Figure out that we are a manufacturer, but not a manufacturer that makes widgets. We make signs, and every sign is generally different, and works differently. Every customer of ours is different and has different needs and our financing package had to match that. The Credit Junction was exceptional at that.


Wayne Withers, CEO of NorCal Lumber Company

WW: We were looking for somebody to initially come in and loan against inventory and receivables. But to be more of a partner on the business side and really understand what we are doing. Not just be a banking transaction. I wanted somebody to understand the business we are in, understand the business model, and validate my story. The Credit Junction was able to do that. Jim [Chief Credit Officer at The Credit Junction} and Rich [Senior Vice President of Credit at The Credit Junction] came in and they realized I was very passionate about what I was doing – I think they saw the relationship I had with the employees that were with me at the time, and I was just looking for a financial lender that could also be a partner in the business that was willing to work with me and get me through the hotspots. It has been a great relationship so far.


Mark Casey, CEO of Apcela

MC: In the maturity of the last iteration of this business, which was an evolution – there’s a lot of talk about companies pivoting today, but this certainly wasn’t a pivot, it was an expansion, because we still had those great customers in capital markets. But, we needed to start investing more in growth. That was both the physical growth of the assets that underlie our platform as well as the sales and marketing momentum that we needed to capture and market to customers in a much broader enterprise market.

At the time, we had traditional bank financing credit lines and bank term debt, all fully-amortizing, and so it was excellent to be able to find a partner that would give us a facility that we could just service the interest on, knowing that we’d be growing and linking that to our accounts receivable base as the primary asset. I know it’s ultimately linked to all of our assets, but that was an excellent fit, and as you know, because it was the promise under which you launched The Credit Junction, there is a gap in that market. It’s easy to go out and get a $100,000 A/R line, but it’s not easy to go out and get a $500,000 or $1,000,000 line.

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