Deck the Halls

In this case study, read about how The Credit Junction helped a highly seasonal Christmas decoration business find the financing to grow and support a crucial strategy shift.



HQ Location: Mid-Atlantic, United States
In Business For: 80+ years
Annual Revenues: $5M+
Management: Family owned and operated
Customer Base: Strong, long-term relationships with a wide range of larger businesses

christmas decorations map



Highly Seasonal: Company was highly dependent on the holiday season.

Working Capital: Company needed additional working capital to fulfill purchase orders ahead of seasonal ramp-up.

Cash Flow Issues: Company paid 40% of product cost up-front and an additional 40% upon shipment from China. Long cash-out to cash-in cycle put a strain on their operations.

Shift in Strategy: Company wanted to shift towards year-round products to reduce seasonality and build a new e-commerce strategy. 

christmas decorations challenges


The Credit Junction worked closely with the company and their management to craft a financing solution that met both their short and long-term needs. 

christmas decoration solution