The Future of Money

The Future of Money

Last month, our CEO and Founder Michael Finkelstein attended Money20/20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Money20/20 is the premier payments, fintech and financial services conference in the country. It brings together industry disruptors and innovators with the mission of creating a simpler, fairer, faster and more inclusive financial system.

A major topic of discussion this year was the “Future of Money”, which investigated how the financial services ecosystem will change in the coming years. Michael had the opportunity to share his thoughts among dozens of executives, investors and entrepreneurs in a recent piece written by Devin Banerjee, the Senior Financial Services Editor at LinkedIn.

When asked, Michael identified three key trends to keep an eye on in the coming years. We have compiled some of his thoughts, below.


On what excites him about the future of money:

Future of Money
The treasure trove of data that surrounds the use of money. In the past, transactions were carried out exclusively through established banking channels. The introduction of data and the rise of technology-driven financial players into the traditional banking ecosystem will be extremely transformative. Continued collaboration between mainstays and rising players will change access to money as we know it — for the better.
— Michael Finkelstein

On collaboration between newcomers and incumbents:

network 4.png
Those who realize the benefit of pooling their expertise and embracing data-driven solutions will have the opportunity to reinvent the competitive landscape. How, when, and with whom they do so remains to be seen.
— Michael Finkelstein

On what we will be discussing in 10 years:

I believe that large technology ecosystems will follow the precedent set by technology upstarts and begin to establish a presence in the financial services space... Their future presence in the financial ecosystem will be driven by their desire to unearth new ways to monetize their data. It will be fascinating to see if the traditional banking institutions will embrace these large ecosystems with the same collaborative spirit displayed by technology upstarts.
— Michael Finkelstein

We look forward to observing the future evolution of the finance industry as players continue to emerge to challenge large incumbents. Events like Money20/20 will continue to set the pace, and TCJ is excited to play its part.

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Michael Finkelstein
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Michael has assembled and leads a team to fulfill his vision of revolutionizing small business lending. He has been an operational and financial executive at primarily high-growth companies within the technology, financial services and infrastructure industries for the past 15 years. Michael started his career in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.